Hydra Veil

I just wanted to add this cheeky product review for you all before my next post,  and I’m not joking when I say that this is one of the best products I have ever used…..EVER!

This is Illamasqua’s gel skin base called ‘Hydra Veil’-  it has so many purposes and benefits. I feel like every person who is looking for a flawless finish should know about this one. Without risk of waffling on, these are it’s best qualities;

– Designed for dry & combination Skin, it’s a cross between a primer & a moisturiser.  INSTANTLY hydrates the skin.

– Patchy, dry, uneven skin is eliminated. Leaves your face looking smooth and it settles into those areas nicely.

– Lightweight & quick absorbing, so you don’t need to wait a long time before applying foundation.

– Your foundation will never look more flawless, even and mattified. (Incredible)

– Doesn’t feel greasy or tacky.

– Comes with a little spoon so you know how much of the product to apply at once. A little goes a long way.

– After you’ve used it once- You will ask yourself how you lived without it for so long!!




Worth every cent. Get involed!




Ps: Questions? erinfullermakeup@live.co.uk. Tweet Tweet? @erinuk13.


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