Fibre Lash

I’m a BIG fan of this mascara. I love ModelCo products, they are really good quality and you really get what you pay for. This, in my opinion, is one of ModelCo’s best.

If you’re one of those people that can’t use false lashes, without getting glue everywhere and sticking your eyes together- then this one is for you. It gives the illusion of a fake lash if you use it correctly, and the results are amazing!

It comes with an ‘Extension Mascara’ as well as a smaller tube called ‘Lash Fibres’.  Use as below;

1. Use an eyelash curler to give your lash the perfect curve.

2. Separate your lashes gently with your finger so none of them are sticking together.

3. Use the Extension Mascara to give you the first coat, this is your chance to use the wand to really lengthen and extend the lashes. (Wait 2 or 3 minutes for this to dry)

4. Take your Lash Fibre Wand and brush upwards from the root of the eyelash, to the ends. Do this all the way along the eye lid. Wait for the fibres to settle into the lash and get comfortable.

5. Another layer of the Extension Mascara over the Fibre Lashes, and you will see your lashes almost double in thickness and they will look much fuller.

Most women i’ve found who use this product, just keep layering and layering the mascara with no result, but if done properly with a little care and time- You will see fantastic results!

Keeping in mind, you’re given two products here- so you can use the Extension Mascara everyday on it’s own! CHA-CHING!! (It also lasts for a long time)

Added benefits? The beeswax and carnaubu wax in the product keep the lashes soft and nourished. The mascara is smudge and tear-proof and slides off easily with warm water.




A great beauty investment!




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