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One thing I’ve noticed recently is that the generic black eyeliner pencil is declining in popularity. There is an increase of market in favour of liquid eyeliner pens as well as the black gel pots. (Who woullda thunk it!!)

Obviously it depends on what look you’re going for, but in terms of everyday under eye usage- I’d say that the eye pencil is definitely more beneficial. These days, I’d rather use an eye pencil for a darker colour in the outer corners of the eye when I’m doing a ‘Smokey’ look, as the definition just doesn’t seem to be as prominent as a liquid.

Unless you are creating a specific fashion look or you’re purposely differentiating your eyeliner, the most popular and sought after eye shape is the ‘Almond’ (Below)

Almond Eyes

Therefore, unless you are lucky enough to have them- the focus of your eyeliner should be to create the above shape.  For example;

If you have round eyes, you would want to focus on elongating them- therefore you’d use eyeliner on the top and add a flick to make it seem as though your top lash line extends further than the circular shape of your eye allows- then you’d mirror this on the bottom to bring the eyes closer in symmetry.

If you have thin eyes, you would add liner to half of the top half of the lash line and extend as above, and avoid using any liner on the bottom otherwise your eyes would disappear.

Do you see where I’m going here? Sooooo with your eye shape in mind, have a read of the below to see what works for you;

Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Eyeliner pen

Pros– Good for those with a steady hand & it’s easy to manipulate the thickness of the eyeliner, especially if you have a large/smooth eye surface to work with. The colour is also a lot more prominent.

Cons– Tends to smudge easily as it takes longer to dry, and if you make a mistake- it’s harder to repair the damage. The tips of these pens tend to be a bit harder as well, so it takes a lot of practice.

Eye Pencil

eyeliner pencil

Pros– Longer lasting, especially on the waterline (under the eye), great for smudging and working into the eye shadow. Great for ‘on the go’ people who need to just chuck their eyeliner on in the morning without fuss.

Cons– Difficult to create the infamous ‘flick’ with pencil eyeliner. You have to tug and pull at your eyes to really push the product into the lash line & it does tend to wear off easier. Also, if you’re like me and have woken up with ‘Panda Eyes’, guaranteed you were wearing a pencil liner. Infamous for making you look like you have been punched in the face.

Gel Pots 

gel pot

Pros– In between a pencil & a liquid, the consistency is smooth and goes on really nicely on both the top & bottom lash lines. The finish is classic. Fantastic over false strip lashes, or even individual lashes- you can really hide the glue well and create a flawless line.

Cons– You need to use a brush to apply (angle brush, or specific eyeliner brush) so it is a little more high maintenance.  If you don’t keep the lid on the pot, it will dry out and become useless to you.

My preference? Gel pots all the way. I like the control of the brush, and I can manage the amount I put on the eye- plus it works on the bottom and top lash line realllly well!

So- the eyes have it! Maybe you’re using the wrong product at the moment, but just make sure that you are enhancing your eye shape and you test and trial to see what works for you.

I’ve been testing a lot of NEW products recently; I can’t wait to share my thoughts.




Ps: Questions? erinfullermakeup@live.co.uk. Tweet Tweet? @erinuk13.


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