Lip Tricks

I get asked all the time ‘What colour lipstick would suit me?’ and I’m beginning to think from my growing experience- that it’s a bit of a science.

There are so many different types of reds, oranges, purples, nudes, neutrals and browns. If you choose the wrong colour – it will either end up ageing you or worse you’ll end up looking slightly.. Dare I say it… Trashy!

BEFORE I go into that theory, below are some tips to help keep your lipstick on longer as well as enhancing durability;

– ALWAYS use lip balm on a daily basis. Keeps them plump and full of natural collagen.  (Hello Angelina Jolie)

– Lip primer is the money winner- Let it settle and mattify for about 5 minutes before you start any application. (To be honest, you can use normal primer that isn’t specifically designed for lips, but if you wear lipstick often, invest in a proper primer) 

– Use your fingers or a makeup brush to thinly layer some of your concealer over your lips on top of the primer- that colour isn’t going to go ANYWHERE if you do this. ZERO MOVE-AGE

– Lip liners stop the stick itself from bleeding onto the outer areas of your lips (less of a clown look) and they’ll look more fierce, defined & gorgeous! (If you don’t buy a good quality lip liner, it will defeat the entire purpose. Invest in this, and make it match the colour of your lipstick as much as possible. Test it on your hand before you buy it.) 

– Matte lipsticks are the most long-lasting. Most of the good quality branded matte sticks contain specially formulated clay that is designed to work with your lip texture so they stay on all day/night, almost like a crayon. 

– Blot your first layer of lipstick onto a tissue, then your second layer will deepen the colour and it’s likely to be more durable & kissable, as well drink/food proof. 

RIGHT… Colour

Bobbi Brown once said that the best way to pick the right lipstick for you is to pick a colour and looks amazing when you have no make-up on. I couldn’t agree more.

If you want to keep it natural – just pick a colour that’s two shades darker than your NATURAL lip colour- whatever race you are, no matter how deep the colour of your lip is, this will always work. This goes for nudes as well, make it two shades lighter. Don’t get Natural & Nude- mixed up by the way. If someone asks me for a ‘Nude’ Lip, I immediately go lighter. Natural- I work with the undertone of the lip and deepen the colour

In my opinion, if you’re going to go RED. Just go red. Don’t go pink-red, or orange-red, make it simply red. Red lipsticks tend to have blue undertones (making them brighter) OR brown undertones (making them richer). Darker hair colours and skin tones suit richer reds, and lighter hair colours and skin tones suit brighter more fiery reds. Very easy

According to basic colour theory, these combinations work a treat;

Blue Eyes- Red/Orange Lips

blue eyes red lips

Green Eyes- Purple Lips

green eyes purple lips

Brown eyes- Brown Lips

brown eyes dark lips

You can almost always tell when a lipstick doesn’t suit you- and hopefully, after reading this- you will begin to understand why. There is nothing sexier and more endearing than a woman with a perfectly balanced lip that has the perfect colour.

** As a tip, after you have primed & concealed your lips, you can begin to draw out your perfect lip shape with your lip pencil. So, if you have a smaller bottom lip, just enhance it. Same with the top lip- make them as balanced as possible and fill them in with colour **

There you have it. So what lipstick did you wear this week?

I CANNOT WAIT to share my next post with you. I’ve been learning about the benefits of using brushes VS using your hands. I’m sure you’re as curious as I was to find out the results!




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