Colour Crush

Following my post about lipstick- I thought i’d share with you my thoughts on the new Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick because;

1. It is really affordable

2. It is actually AMAZING.

I’m not as much of a fan of matte lipsticks, because I find that growing up in Australia, the sun has done some serious damage to my lips and they tend to get very dry easily. So, I love a lipstick that gives me good coverage, and injects moisture almost instantly.

Body Shop have done amazingly with this one, the colours are really beautiful and heavily pigmented so the finish is so nice and full. They are so rich and moisturising, I felt really confident wearing this!

All of the lipsticks have a really subtle scent to them as well, they smell lightly of rose which is really refreshing. PLUS, i’m naturally quite heavy handed, so when I applied it aggressively (always in a hurry) I could tell that the stick itself wasn’t going to break off or crush.


Favourite colour is Passionate Pink.  




Go and buy one ASAP!!




Ps: Questions? Tweet Tweet? @erinuk13.




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