It’s Only Natural

It’s common practice for us, as women (even some men too) to have a beauty routine that we stick to every day.

I know when i’m not working, I don’t wear much makeup. I try and let my skin breathe as much as possible but it’s also hard because you don’t want to leave the house when you look like a smacked ass.

At the same token, your day makeup should never be too full on OR complex. My general advice is below;

– PRIMER. Always use a primer beforehand. Your makeup WILL stay on longer. It’s not a myth.

– Heavy Foundation should be avoided as much as possible. Stick to a sheer-medium coverage liquid foundation or a powder. Anything mineralised is fantastic. If you’re lucky enough to have clear/durable skin, opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. (See my earlier blog post here- )

– Never wear false eyelashes during the day. They’re not necessary.

– Don’t go too heavy when filling in your brows. Use a natural coloured eyeshadow and brush them through. (See my earlier post on brows here- )

– Stick to neutral & natural shades on the lips and cheeks. SAY NO TO PINK BLUSH…. NO

– If you have oily skin, carry a powder around with you and freshen up your T Zone throughout the day too avoid looking ‘Shiny’

– Heavy eyeshadow is a NO GO. Save it for night time. Make sure your liner isn’t too thick as well. Unless you’re confident with winged eyeliner, i’d avoid using liquids and stick to the pencil.

– Avoid products that contain any natural shimmer, shine, glitter etc… You can really notice it!

The main aim here is to look like a better version of yourself. If you look in the mirror and don’t look as though you’ve enhanced your natural features then just tone it down a little.

My next post is coming later in the week- My top 5 favourite beauty products of all time! Can’t wait.




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