Conceal the Truth.

Gone are the days where we used a concealer to merely cover spots. Now, thanks to a booming beauty industry, women are desperate for their concealer to do the following;

– Cover spots, blemishes & redness

– Disguise dark circles under the eye

– Highlight the under eye area

– Hide heavy scarring & tattoo’s

– Even skin pigmentation and discolouration problems

I personally think Kim Kardashian has ALOT to answer for. Her heavy  makeup regime has taken the world by storm and granted, her makeup artist is the concealer KING- There are different ways in which you can do everything he does, on a smaller and much more manageable scale. Let me break it down below;

To cover blemishes, spots & redness. 

Use a matte concealer, no liquids please. Press the concealer into the blemish (as long as it isn’t freshly squeezed) and make this colour the exact same as your foundation. This is the only thing that truly works from my experience.

To hide dark circles under the eyes. 

This all depends on the below;

If your circles are VERY dark and have a blue undertone, anything with a warm base (red/orange) will correct this.

If your circles have more of a purple hue- you’ll need something with a yellow undertone.

MAC do fantastic colour correcting palettes for this, they truly work wonders.  Again, make them matte. (See picture below)


To highlight the under eye area. 

If you’re lucky enough not to have to do any of the above, you can skip this step and get a concealer that is two shades lighter than your regular foundation- use a liquid, its much more manageable and if you want to lift your cheekbone- you can take the concealer all the way up to your temple.

To hide heavy scarring. 

Scarring is inevitable sometimes and not all of us can afford lazer or expensive skincare. If they heal properly, scars tend to be red in colour and flat in texture. Any green based concealer will off-set the redness nicely. Sometimes matte concealers make scars more apparent, so blend in a concealer with a creamier texture for best results.

The thing that I think we all forget sometimes, is that to conceal, is to make sure everything BLENDS in with the face. Unless purposeful, we aren’t trying to make anything lighter or more apparent, it’s important to remember that a concealer base needs to match your foundation.

I’m going to be doing an interactive tutorial on highlighting & contouring  soon so watch this space if you want to know my secrets!




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