Lash Review

A woman’s secret weapon on a night out.. EYELASHES.

I’ve been trying so many different lash brands lately, mainly with the aim of finding some that are affordable and reusable because I like having different options in my kit as well as for my own personal use.

FIRSTLY… I have to say, that my favourite lashes of all time, will always be Shu Uemura. Even after feeding my curiosity to write this blog, I just CANNOT stress how amazing they are. For the following reasons;

– The band is really thick so when you glue them on top of your liner, the intensity of the lash line is amplified.

– The lashes themselves are really thick, full & layered making them look more natural and even.

– You can re-use these ones more than ANY other. The glue that’s dried from your last use just slides straight off with any makeup remover.

These range from around £15.00 – £50.00 but they are worth it!

SECONDLY… Coming in just behind Shu Uemura, are MAC lashes. There are 20 different options to choose from, colours, lengths, shapes and sizes. Especially good for different eye shapes, because not everyone can wear winged lashes or dramatic lashes so it’s good to have options. The DUO GLUE from Mac is the best glue for ANY eyelashes as well. I will never use anything else.

MAC Lashes are  £10.00 so it’s a bargain!

LASTLY.. I have stumbled across a hidden gem. They are lashes from a brand called ALLURA. I found them in a Poundshop. What caught my eye was that they looked like Shu Uemura lashes, just a poorer quality version. STILL, I put them on with my duo glue and they were AMAZING!! Seriously, I bought 10 pairs of different shapes and sizes. Keep them as a backup and try them for yourself.

£1.00 everyone….  £1.oo!!!!!!

Tips that I’ve learnt.

Make sure you put Mascara on before you put your lashes on, you don’t want to make them so clumpy that you can’t use them again. Just massage them together with circular motions to blend the false and natural lashes together afterwards. 

If you accidently put a lot of glue on the band, leave it a while to dry- at least until it starts to become semi-transparent. You need the glue to be quite tacky before you put them on or else it will fail. 

Lastly, If you have round eyes- Use Lashes that fan out at the outer corners to create that almond shaped. 

NEVER close your eyes, or get your model to close their eyes when putting lashes on. Even if you are spot on, there is a high chance you will glue your/their eyes together. 




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