With this new year in mind, I have set some goals for myself professionally and I thought;

‘I want to set myself apart from the people in this industry so I need to be inspired by people who have done the same’

This particular blog post doesn’t have anything to do with makeup specifically, but you never know, it may encourage you to seek some inspiration of your own.

So, in saying that- this is what is influencing my passion at the moment;


I remember seeing Picasso’s original work in Barcelona (The paintings before he revolutionised art) I looked at the detail and colour and you can really see how expressive and imaginative they are. Picasso took a memory, a feeling, a visual, and he used his talent to create something different.

His interpretation of women is also something I’ve always admired. In his paintings, that are commonly so bold, curvy, strong, and sometimes intimidating. I have two prints of his in my house, one of them is La Lecture (Woman reading). This woman is painted with different shapes, angles, colours, moods and shadows- To me, this is how woman are….. Complex. 

The other I have is Picasso’s interpretation of the original painting by Diego Velázquez called ‘Las Meninas’. What I like about this is it’s his originality, and also the colour palette.  The painting is so moody and so dark that it has the ability to take your imagination to a different place.


Particularly in fashion as opposed to in genres of reading and novels. Following on from ‘Las Meninas’, I am drawing more and more towards darker colours and textures lately. I watched ‘The Addams Family’ about a week ago, and I love the fact that there is practically no colour throughout the movie, as well as the aesthetic behind the character Morticia- AMAZING!

Perhaps it is because i’m living through Winter in London, but anything dark and mysterious is inspiring me lately. I’ve always loved black and white images, so I think it may be a product of this.

The pieces from the ‘Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty’ collection depict my mood on this perfectly. You need to at least google image them if you can, there are no words to describe what he created. I could never confess to being a serious fashion enthusiast or a fashion addict, but I really admire this work.


I’m almost in two minds about this. Whilst I don’t think his photographic style is very exciting, I really admire his early work. Granted, it is controversial and many have said that he took advantage of young models in the beginning of his career, but I just cannot stop looking at images from ‘Terry’s World’

I like the fact that what you see is when you get with these pictures. The skin looks like skin, the personality of whoever is in front of his camera really shines through and that’s how I think powerful art is made. I think everyone secretly wants to have their own photograph taken by Terry Richardson, not for anyone else- Just to have.

So… What inspires you?




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